Secret Islay 8 år Sample

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Chronicle 1

 Ex Bourbon cask - First Fill.

 Limited Edition, kun 893 flasker.


Destilleri: n/a

Region: Islay

Alder: 8 år (2011)

Type: Small Batch 

Fad type: Bourbon First Fill

Alc. styrke: 49,2%

Str.: 3 cl.

Antal producerede flasker: 893

Chronicles are small batches from 3-6 casks that we repeat in our Anthology over time. Chronicles come from our stocks of carefully selected, re-racked and finished casks. This one is from 3 first fill bourbon barrels where the spirit has spent its last 3 years following 5 years in refill bourbon hogsheads. Our personal taste has always been for whiskies aged in bourbon casks. With this Chronicle, we wanted to have an obvious but balanced bourbon wood aged Islay malt. As we will be continuing the series, the next Chronicle may open new horizons with unexpected wood finishes.

Nose: Custard, vanilla, smoke, peat and candied fruits.

Palate: Smooth and sweet. Candied oranges, smoked oranges and fudge.

Finish: Young oak, burnt caramel and orange marmalade.

"Chapter 7 er en uafhængig aftapper af single malt whisky og blended whisky. 
De vælger whisky fade, som de mener skiller sig ud og efterlader et aftryk."

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BrandChapter 7 Whisky