New Yarmouth 25 år

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The Wild Parrot series fra Hidden Spirits.

Distilled 1994 / Bottled 2020

Alc styrke 68,1%

Limited Edition, kun 231 flasker.


Destilleri: New Yarmouth

Distilled: 1994

Bottled: 2020

Alkohol: 68,1%

Vol: 70 cl.

Cask ref.: WP94681

Producerede antal flasker: 231 - SINGLE CASK RHUM


Hidden Spirits (Wild Parrot)

Founded by Andrea Ferrari, Hidden Spirits is a relatively new Italian independent bottler and online whisky shop, which prides itself on the meticulously careful selection of its bottlings.

Hidden Spirits has its bottle labels designed by different Italian artists, and offers a variety of expressions under several series: the Highproof Collection of cask strength single casks over eight years of age; the Hidden Spirits Classic collection of single casks of varying strength over eight years of age; and the Young Rebels collection of single casks under eight years old.

The online shop features a selection of new and older bottlings as well as grappas, rums and other fine spirits. It is located on Via Vegri in Ferrara.

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Produktstørrelse70 cl.
BrandHidden Spirits