Ledaig 24 år

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"Monologue #2"

 Ex Bourbon cask.

 Limited Edition, kun 242 flasker.


Destilleri: Tobermory

Region: Island of Mull (Islands)

Alder: 24 år (1995)

Type: Singel malt - "from a Single Cask"

Fad type: Bourbon

Alc. styrke: 51,6%

Str.: 70 cl.

Antal producerede flasker: 242


Ledaig Distillery is located in Tobermory village, on the Island of Mull and dates back to 1798. The distillery was founded by John Sinclair, and today it is known as Tobermory Distillery. Malt Whisky production in the distillery is split half and half, between the Tobermory and Ledaig single malts, Each malt reflects the inspiring Island of Mull – from the bright and colourful Tobermory with vibrant fruit, spice and a subtle salty notes, reflective of harbour waters, to the more robust, peated Ledaig with sweet smoke and earthy notes. It's all great until here but the cask we've selected for you is a rare unpeated Ledaig, But hold on, how can a Ledaig be unpeated? Well, our guess is Tobermory spirit went in to a cask that contained Ledaig previously which is reflected by subtle peat on the palate. This is the first Ledaig release from Chapter 7. It was on our wish list and at last we came across a rare phenolic phenomenon that we thought we could share with you.


Nose: Maritime mineral, vanilla, cotton candy, subtle herbal notes, apricot, oak, pears.

Palate: Oily, wet pebbles sprinkled with vanilla infused sugar, smoke dried sultanas and citrus.

Finish: Salty cappucino, oak, pears and apricots


"Chapter 7 er en uafhængig aftapper af single malt whisky og blended whisky. 
De vælger whisky fade, som de mener skiller sig ud og efterlader et aftryk."

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