Isle of Jura 21 år

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"Monologue #1"

Ex Bourbon cask.

Limited Edition, kun 284 flasker.


Destilleri: Jura 

Region: Islands

Alder: 21 år (1998)

Type: Singel malt - "from a Single Cask"

Fad type: Bourbon

Alc. styrke: 55,1%

Str.: 70 cl.

Antal producerede flasker: 284

Despite the relative close proximity between Islay and Jura, the whiskies are rather dissimilar. Jura whiskies offer power, but none of the intense peat smoke from across the narrow channel between the two isles. The Isle of Jura distillery was founded by Archibald Campbell in 1810 and named the Small Isles Distillery. It was some eight years after the License Act of 1823 that William Abercombie obtained a license for the distillery, renaming it Isle Of Jura. The name derives from the Old Norse for ‘deer island’, a reference to the large local herds of deer, which more than outnumber the isle’s human population. What we like about Jura is the oily texture and salty maritime character with soot and smoke beyond the grassy fruitiness. This bourbon hogshead aged 21 years is a perfect example of an untempered, flawless Jura.


Nose: Grassy fruitiness, fresh herbs, green tea, warm brioche and bread.

Palate: Wonderfully fruity with big notes of oranges, green apples and quinces, salted caramel.

Finish: Long, grassy with liquorice in the aftertaste.


"Chapter 7 er en uafhængig aftapper af single malt whisky og blended whisky. 
De vælger whisky fade, som de mener skiller sig ud og efterlader et aftryk."

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BrandChapter 7 Whisky