Blended Malt Scotch Whisky 24 år Sample

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Anecdote #1

Ex Bourbon cask.

Limited Edition, kun 424 flasker.


Destilleri: n/a

Region: Cross Regional

Alder: 24 år (1995)

Type: Small Batch

Fad type: Bourbon

Alc. styrke: 47,9%

Str.: 3 cl.

Antal producerede flasker: 424

Anecdotes are our short whisky anthology stories. They are one-off and unique, from rare finds we come across through our whisky journey. When a fabulous batch of 4 casks of a very intriguing blended malt landed in our warehouse, we chose 2 casks for vatting our first Anecdote. This blended malt contains 17% Laphroaig, 20% HIghland Park and the rest of 63% of the malts come from Speyside's famous distilleries. It's been a good long marriage of 24 years in bourbon barrels that provides fruitiness, a touch of maritime notes and subtle peat in one perfect dram.

 Nose: A delicate fruit salad with notes of dried apricots, custard and a touch of sweet smoke.

Palate: Croissants, slightly salted fudge, apricot jam, oranges, plums and fried sugar.

Finish: Tinned pears, cornflakes and slightly smoky sweetness.

 "Chapter 7 er en uafhængig aftapper af single malt whisky og blended whisky. 
De vælger whisky fade, som de mener skiller sig ud og efterlader et aftryk."

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Produktstørrelse3 cl.
BrandChapter 7 Whisky