Bas Armagnac Cuvée Royal

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Special Armagnac of the Estate Assemblage More than 6 Years old
Vine varietals : Baco > 80 %, Ugni blanc, Folle blanche
Aged in oak barrels in Château Garreau’s own cellars.


Bas Armagnac Cuvée Royal

Age: 6 Years old (minimum)

ABV: 40 %

Vol. 70 cl

A great Armagnac for Whisky’s lovers

Tasting: Golden, yellow reflection. Strong but delicate, with cinnamon, spices from Christmas and exotics fruits.

Mouth smoked, peaty, almost Scottish.

Recommended for tasting :

An Armagnac which can be served in cocktails or on the rocks, as a « trou gascon » ( in the middle of a multicourse meal) or « digestif », also used for cooking or pastries. Fantastic with Duck foie gras, with Cheese (Roquefort…)
Recommended consumption conditions : room temperature.

Château Garreau is one of the very few estates owning its personal continuous stills. Its distilling academy has trained many distillers.
The quality of the wine, the know how of the distiller and the performance of our continuous stills built in 1919 and 1932
combine in Château Garreau to deliver the eldest spirit of France known since AD 1310 for its 40 virtues

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Produktstørrelse70 cl.
BrandChateau Garreau