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Whisky Row

Whisky Row "Smoke and Peat"

449,00 DKK

Lagerstatus: 1 stk. på lager

Destilleri: n/a 

Region: Islay 

Type: Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

Fad type: -

Alc. styrke: 46%

Str.: 70 cl.

Antal producerede flasker: n/a


For lovers of big, rich, smoky-peaty whiskies; a combination of smoky and peaty single malts from the island of Islay.


Nose: Clean and youthful with lots of smoke, gentle peat and soft fruitiness.
Dry, medium bodied with lots of Islay style smoke and peat.
Finish; A very long finish with the peat and charcoal flavours lingering.


Leith was once the beating heart of Edinburgh’s whisky district, with its 100 warehouses boasting the world’s largest stock of whisky, including the forefathers of many of today’s famous brands. However, after the industry and port declined, even Leith’s whisky-inspired street names vanished – until now.

We’re putting Whisky Row back on the map and resurrecting exquisite flavours from a bygone era. From smooth and sweet, rich and spicy to smoke and peat, Whisky Row covers the many flavours of Scotch whisky – and offers sublime spirits for everyday enjoyment and moments of celebration.

It's history in a bottle.


"Gleann Mór Spirits er en familie virksomhed der speciallisere sig i cask strength skoktske whiskyer."