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GIN Sample Set

GIN Sample Set "Freakin Friday"*

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*GIN Sample Set, som inkluderer 5 samples fra Firkin-, Leith- & Glasgow Gin.


Leith Gin

ABV: 46%


Leith Gin is made with 10 different botanicals from around the world.


Nose: Lime pastilles, fragrant Coconut and fresh Lemon juice with salt.

Palate: Bursting with zesty citrus. Soft sweetness of Kiwi fruit and Gooseberry with a tart, crisp finish.

Finish: Refreshingly clean with a background of unmistakable juniper and tangy citrus.


How to serve:
Serve with your favourite premium tonic in a large glass over ice and garnish with a citrus fruit wedge.


Firkin Gin Rosie

Alc. styrke: 43%


Firkin Rosie small batch gin is a triple distilled spirit with modern twist on a classic gin.  It is made using 100% grain spirit which is combined with Strawberry, Rose Petals and Sweet Almond; then blended with a selection of botanicals.  The result is a beautifully delicate but complex soft gin with a hint of juniper, fruit flavours and an exceptionally smooth finish.  A great summer tipple.


Nose: Floral with the rose petals with a hint of juniper

Palate: Light freshness of fruits followed by a complex soft spice

Finish: Fresh vanilla and juicy berries; fruity and floral note on the end giving a very sweet finish


Suggested serve:

Over ice with Fevertree Mediterranean tonic water in a tall glass over ice with slices of fresh strawberry to garnish


Firkin Gin - Côtes Du Rousillion

French Oak cask rested.

ABV: 46%


Rested in French oak casks that once held the finest Mas Cristine Cotes du Rousillion red wine.

Our signature London style dry gin is made in the time-honoured way by redistilling 10 carefully selected botanicals which are a line up of Juniper berries, Coriander seeds, Angelica root, Lemon peel, Orange peel, Cassia bark, Liquorice, Ground nutmeg, Cinnamon bark, Orris root.

The result of our process is a delicious sippable spirit, likened to a “Botanical Bourbon” with the perfect equilibrium between the flavours of the base spirit , the botanicals, and the wood. Just the way an aged gin should be. It  is bottled at 46% abv, with each batch having its own completely unique cask genre character.


How to Serve:

The Firkin perfect serve is really simple: enjoy neat over ice with your favourite Tonic water. Most of all – Enjoy!


Glasgow Gin

ABV: 43,3%

Nose: Summer berries with a hint of mint and basil.

Palate: Fruit and flowers, lemons and crisp apples, with gentle blossom and petals.

Finish: Smooth with berries and sherbet.



Juniper berries, Coriander seeds, Angelica root, Lemon and Orange peel, Cassia bark, Ground nutmeg, Cinnamon bark, Orris root, Elderberries.


The Glasgow Gin Story - straight from the horse's mouth:

After many months of research, experimentation and a lot of tasting, our brand new Glasgow Gin is finally ready to be unleashed!

Glasgow Gin has a personality all of its own, it's fun and playful, echoing the famous Glaswegian sense of humour.

It's a light, fresh and fruity gin, and offers a fun twist on the traditional, but we've not tampered with the important bits.

Our gin is transparent, and so are we. Glasgow Gin is made to our own special recipe at Wester Spirit Company Distillery in Partick, Glasgow.

No corners cut, no compromises made. A quadruple-distilled pure grain spirit, made from 100% wheat, is redistilled using ten flavoursome botanicals, creating a gin of outstanding flavour and smoothness.


LeithAL Gin

ABV: 57%

Weighing in at a punchy 57% abv, our LeithAL Gin packs a mighty botanical punch!

A bold and full-flavoured gin, it’s bursting with zesty citrus, refreshingly clean and exceptionally smooth.

With a nod to Navy Strength, this is the Leith Gin you already know and love, with eXtra bite!



  • Juniper berries
  • Coriander seeds
  • Angelica root
  • Lime peel
  • Orange peel
  • Cassia bark
  • Liquorice
  • Ground nutmeg
  • Cinnamon bark
  • Orris root


Nose: Fresh notes of citrus and coriander followed by peppery juniper.

Mouth: Big-hitting bouquet of piney, peppery juniper, good mouthfeel, citrus, and classic gin botanicals.

Finish: Refreshingly clean finish with background notes of juniper and citrus.


We've put Leith firmly back on the gin map with this deliciously well-made, London-Dry style gin - perfect for enjoying with your favourite tonic or as the base for a cocktail. The blend reflects the history of Leith, with botanicals coming from the four corners of the world.

Leith Gin is a no-nonsense experience – very much inspired by Leith and its folk - enjoy the 'Joie de Leith'!

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